Poppy King

Poppy King, founder of her first brand “Poppy” in the 90’s, all made in Australia before she moved to the New York City to found her second brand “Lipstick Queen” which boasted a number of global hits such as Frog Prince, Medieval, and Hello Sailor, is back after a hiatus with her latest creations in lip and her new brand called none other than Poppy King of course.

There is no other person in the beauty sphere that has spent her entire career purely focused on lips and it shows.

From the concepts, to the textures, to the shades to the marketing there is something special about her lipsticks - they manage to be uber chic yet surprisingly wearable (even for the non lipstick wearer). Poppy understands how to make a lipstick look part of you rather than painted on you.

Poppy lives and works in New York City, however it was very meaningful for her to go back to her original factory in Australia where, “out of all the labs in all the world I have never found anyone that can produce the quality of lipstick like Australia”, to bring her first new lipstick in many years to market.

With Original Sin the matte metallic red comes to you in her original unique formula that made her world famous at 18 years of age!

Poppy has collaborated with many brands such as J Crew, Kate Spade, Estee Lauder, and No.7 as well as written two books’ Lessons of A Lipstick Queen (2008) and the A to Z of Lipstick (2016) 

Her philosophy has always been that “beauty is not how you look, it’s about how you are. Lipstick is a mind-altering substance, like a super hero cape.”